Ordering and returning toys

Ordering and returning toys

Accounts and billing

Accounts and billing



Are rental toys safe for my child?

Yes absolutely. In restaurants, our children eat from spoons and forks that have been used by other guests. In play areas our children play with toys previously used by other children. Using rental toys is definitely safer. We follow the most stringent methods to sanitize used toys to make them safe for your children.

How does Ubitoyz work on the sanitisation and hygiene maintenance of the toys? How do you ensure the toys are safe for my children?

The Ubitoyz team follows a clinically prescribed process to sanitise each and every toy. Our hygienist follows the steps listed below to ensure that the toys are germ free and 100% safe for your children to play with: Inspect the toy for specific sanitisation needs Conduct basic cleaning wherever necessary Wash the toy in industrial grade warm water and pass it through UV light or use any other mechanism suitable for cleansing the toy Clean the toy with clinically approved sanitisation liquids and disinfectants Blow-dry the toy (if wet) with warm air Confirm the safety using UV light and swab test (done independently by another hygienist) Place the label of Ubitoyz safety

What sanitisation methods do you use?

Even though most of our toys are used for indoor recreation and have little or no exposure to germs, we are extremely thorough with our sanitisation methods. For instance, we only use clinically approved sanitisation methods, appropriate for the material of the toy and in accordance with the standard cleansing techniques, ranging from standard wiping, warm water washing, UV light disinfestation or disinfectant cleaning. The final confirmation is done using a swab test which makes the toy safe and fit for your child. We believe that our sanitisation methods are much more stringent and far more in-depth than the methods used by other play areas and nurseries in the region.

Do I need to clean the toys before returning?

A. We request you to return the toys in the same condition as you had received them, during the time of your purchase or rental. Please ensure that there are no visible stains or dirt on the toy, while returning. (This applies to all the contents or parts of the toy that had been handed out to you.)

How does the Ubitoyz subscription work?

You can subscribe to Ubitoyz through easy and simple steps mentioned on the website. First you need to select a suitable value package according to your preferences. Secondly you need to place your order online. Please note that each package allows you to order toys online, along with a free home delivery of the toys at your doorstep. Once you have received the toys and your child is done playing with them, you may return the toys by placing a request online and we will have someone collect or replace the set of toys for you.

For how long can I keep the toys with me and when can I order a new set of toys?

You may keep the toys for as long as you want and until your child finds them interesting. You can order online for a return and replacement. While placing a new order, you must select which toys you wish to return and which ones you wish to receive. After receiving your confirmed order, we will start the process of replacing your old toys with the new ones, based on your subscription plan.

What are the membership charges?

Membership charges depend on the plan you subscribe to. We offer monthly, 6-month and 12-month options for both Mini and Mega plans. Full amount will be charged upon sign-up. For the monthly plan, you will be charged the amount when you start your subscription, and every month on the renewal date. For the 6-month or 12-month plan, full amount will be charged upon sign-up. At the end of your plan (which is your renewal date), you may continue or change your plan. By default, on the renewal date a plan will convert to a monthly plan.

What if I decide to keep the toy with me? Does Ubitoyz offer a purchasing option?

Yes you may purchase the toy. The price of the toy is given in toy details page. Please send us a message from the membership account section or in the support section. And we will get your approval to process your order.

What if a toy gets damaged or breaks?

We understand that the toys go through normal wear and tear. So we are not fussy about minor impairments as long as the toy does not lose its look or functionality. Most of our toys are high quality and have reasonable amount of durability. In case the toy gets damaged, then we will ask you to pay for repair charges, or 100% cost of the toy (whichever is lower). We will get a quotation from a repairman and share it with you. Please note that Ubitoyz will handle the repairs and add a service fee for handling repairs. You don’t have to worry about repairs and continue with taking a new and exciting toy.

What if the toy is delivered as damaged or with missing pieces?

We do our standard quality checks to ensure that the toys delivered to you and the ones returned to us are accompanied with a checklist. This ensures that the toys are handed over and taken back appropriately and no pieces are missing or damaged.Still, in case you find something missing or damaged, we ask you to report it to us immediately by calling us or emailing us and attaching a description and picture of the damaged part or the toy.

How do I pay – credit card, cash or by any other method?

We accept payments through credit cards as well as cash on delivery (COD). Credit card details will be entered during the shopping cart check-out process. We will keep your credit card details handy, for automatic billing on the plan renewal dates. Cash-on-delivery option is available as well. Payment will be made to the delivery agent. For rental plans, we require a refundable security deposit.

How do you protect my credit card information?

We work with trusted online Payment Gateway companies for handling the credit card payments of our customers. Our trusted payment gateway is Telr (http://www.telr.com/). Telr manages credit card payments for several well-known e-commerce firms in the UAE. Telr deploys techniques to protect your credit card information securely and ensures that the transactions are carried out without any defects or frauds. Your credit card information will be managed by Telr and not stored in our servers.

How can I cancel my membership?

If you have any concerns or reasons for dissatisfaction, we request you to please share them with us and we will do our level best to win you back as our customer. You may Pause your plan for a one month period. Alternately you may downgrade a Mega plan to a Mini plan. However, if you still wish to cancel your membership, you can do it by logging into your account online, and choose to cancel your membership. Option to cancel is available in the Membership account section.

What happens in case of an account / billing error?

Please report the billing error as soon as you notice it via a phone call or a priority email through your membership login page. We will investigate and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

How do I upgrade / downgrade my plan?

You may upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime through your membership account online. We will process your request immediately upon receiving it. The following rules apply: Upgrade / downgrade requires a seven day advance notice period. A downgrade (from Mega to Mini) will apply from the renewal date (after the notice period). Starting from the renewal date, you will be billed for Mini plan. An upgrade (from Mini to Mega) will be confirmed by Ubitoyz admin team upon receiving and verifying the request. This will be activated immediately after the notice period. You will be billed a pro-rata amount for days remaining until the next renewal date. These details will be emailed to you.

When will I be billed?

You will be billed upon sign-up, and then again on your plan renewal date. A monthly plan renews every month, a 6-month plan renews after completing 6 months, and a 12 month plans renews after completing 12 months.

How do I update my billing information?

You may update your billing information anytime through your membership account page online. Please note that the billing information takes 3 working days to be updated in the payment gateway. So please make sure that a change should be made at least 3 working days prior to the billing date.

Do you deliver? What are the charges for delivery? What areas do you cover for free home delivery?

Our rental service currently covers Dubai only. We will soon expand to the rest of UAE. Our sales service covers whole of UAE. Rental plans allow 1 free delivery per month. Additional deliveries cost AED 40 per delivery. Sales deliveries cost AED 25 for orders below AED 150, and are free for orders above AED 150.

Do you deliver on Fridays or outside normal working hours?

Our courier services works on Saturday to Thursday, between 9am to 5pm, only.

How is the delivery carried out?

We use professional logistics firms in UAE to deliver packages. So packages are delivered just like other normal shipments and reach your doorstep in time.

How do I initiate a change for the next toy in my subscription?

Your membership account shows how you can return a rented toy. Once a return is processed, you can choose your next set of toys. We will do our best to deliver the next set of toys while we pick up the existing ones.

What time of the day will I receive the toys?

The delivery company will call you in advance to confirm the timing for the delivery. Delivery may be received anywhere in Dubai - at a residence or even at your office address, if you chose.

How much time after placing the order, will I receive the toys?

Once your order is confirmed through your account, we will deliver the toys to you within 3 business/ working days.

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